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Lucid Dreams - Build And Destroy

Lucid Dreams - Build And Destroy

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Ruben : There’s so much new music coming out these days. Every single month the Lords Of Metal manages to fill an entire edition with dozens of reviews from every corner of the heavy genre. That’s quite a lot of them, but loads of obscure and different bands yet have to be reviewed. In the end there’s a gigantic mass of records and only the tip of the iceberg is to be labeled pure class. Every band wants to be in that tip, just like the Norwegian Lucid Dreams. But is their new album ‘Build And Destroy’ good enough? Or will these gentlemen’s dreams be ruthlessly destroyed?

A couple of elements of the new Lucid Dreams immediately catch the attention. The album is symphonic, but it’s progressive as well and even sounds like the more original heavy metal at times. Opener ‘Wings Of Night’ is a typical symphonic powermetal track, inspired by bands like Stratovarius. Following is ‘Hellbound’, which is pretty straightforward heavy metal like Sabaton and Manowar. Just like the tracks ‘High Heeled Devil’ and Shanghai Cyanide’. In between there’s the Symphony X like ‘Absence Of Innocence’ and the Ayreonesque ‘Build And Destroy. The six Norwegians of Lucid Dreams have loads of musical quality to offer. Diversity, powerful riffs, good solo’s and balance between guitars and symphonic elements.

Just one thing really drags this album down. Singer Fredrik Sindsen sure has his powerful moments, the likes of ‘Wings Of The Night’ are sung pretty well and the intro of ‘Absence Of Innocence’ is cool, because of the rough and clean vocals he uses. But mister Sindsen also manages to reach the wrong notes with full passion. He completely ruins ‘Hellbound’ with a couple of completely wrong moments. The track that sounded alright is completely killed by it. He also does his unfavorable magic on ‘High Heeled Devil’ a couple of times.

When you listen to the album multiple times, you know where the lesser parts are. You can manage to brace yourself and endure them. The fact remains that the vocals on this album are of a poor quality and that’s undeniably tearing down some of the tracks. A release that had quite some potential is really put down by it. Musically the guys of Lucid Dreams have delivered a good album. It’s very diverse with some good solo’s, heavy riffs and varying symphonic elements. The vocals are the problem that tear down ‘Build And Destroy’ and really makes these Lucid Dreams unclear.

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