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Kolp & Leiru  - Kolp / Leiru

Kolp & Leiru - Kolp / Leiru

Label : Lost Horizon Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Tape/Cassette

Roel de Haan : Here we have the split cassette by the two Hungarian bands Kolp and Leiru. Of course I have never heard of them before, but hey, I am open for new things. Kolp starts the release and besides the raw and primitive (old school) production, the band plays decent, but fairly anonymous black metal with slices of atmospheric moments in between the more aggressive riffing. Rather simplistic in a way, but not without some intelligence, Kolp reminds me of Burzum, Shining and Gorgoroth. Leiru also seem to be inspired by Shining, but opt for a less obvious route to recognition. With an even more abrasive production their music is harder to get into, but once passed this obstacle the music reveals itself as more dynamic and atmospheric with even some sporadic clean vocals. Clearly this is a band with at least some ideas and stylistic goals, but needs further development. For now, this split didn’t rock my world, but it didn’t put me off either.

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