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King Diamond - The Spiders Lullabye

King Diamond - The Spiders Lullabye

Label : Metal Blade | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Re-release

Winston : The sixth album of King Diamond is reissued again. In 2009 it was already done, remastered, and now that King is totally hip Metal Blade grabs the opportunity to do it again. The extra that is offered is an extra CD with demo’s King Diamond (himself) recorded in Denmark. Is that really interesting? No not really. Especially since this album, ‘The Spiders' Lullabye' introduces a period of several lesser heralded albums, also by the changing line up of the band. Now, 20 years later, I must say that it surely deserves some more credit if I'm honest. This album is not a whole concept album; The first six songs are self-contained songs and ‘Six Feet Under’ appears to be an unexplored chapter of the 'Them' and 'Conspiracy' story. Musically it offers no surprises, Andy LaRoque has always remained loyal to King Diamond and on this album the collaboration continues as a well funded building. King lost himself after this record in other concepts that were not very interesting. It became interesting again with 'Abigail II'. This record is still recommended but not specifically because of the demos, that's nice, nothing more.

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