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Insision - Terminal Reckoning

Insision - Terminal Reckoning

Label : Sevared Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Sicktus : Insision consider themselves the brutal death answer to the stream of - in their eyes - much too melodic death coming out of Sweden over the last couple of years. The band play a kind of uncut brutal death, dark and without compromise. 'Terminal Reckoning' is their fourth full-length and their first album since the line-up underwent some big changes in 2014. Besides that it also is the first Insision album in 8 years, seeing that 'Ikon' came out in 2007.

On 'Terminal Reckoning', the band show up like we know them from back then: blunt and brutal, full speed attack, grinding, blasting, low tuned and heavy. This is definitely no easy listening death metal. The bass parts are blunt, but contain subtle details, which also goes for the fast paced drums. The guitars however set the (low tuned) tone for the album: relentlessness linked to complexity, with a solo every now and then to boot. And it is when the pace drops, such as on 'Old Ways', where the true heaviness of the album comes forth to reveal itself.

Overall, the album reminds me of the more straightforward Morbid Angel and Immolation stuff, but in a blunt Swedish make-over, containing some hints of old Finnish brutality (Demigod) and intensity (Abhorrence). One noticeable shortcoming: the technical, blasting brutal death at times drowns when the - also a bit monotonous - vocals push it out of the mix too much.

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