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Humavoid - Glass

Humavoid - Glass

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Demo

Job : We’ve always known that the best music hails from Scandinavia but its recent spawns have yet to spark any enthusiasm with me. Humavoid has finally lighted a match and should be turning heads if only they were a little bigger (their 800 likes on Facebook worry me). The band plays a mix of progressive groovemetal with a few more tablespoons of the latter rather than the former. Imagine if Soilwork met Scar Symmetry and Paul Wardingham was handling the main guitar duties. The inviting mesh had me banging my head (like good groove metal should) but still stayed relatively original due to vocalist Suvimarja Halmetoja’s inspiring vocals and zany piano passages. Her highs are a little forced but her position as lead vocalist is filled well nonetheless.

What interested me most about this release was the song structure and how over the top the band can be with their writing. It seems as though the band takes themselves all but seriously and it benefits the music greatly. Weird breakdowns, dissonant piano touch-ups, vocal melodies that are all but predictable. Would Humavoid not have taken this path, their music would’ve been easily absorbed by the gory, disgusting sea that is “melodeath”. The more I listen to these three songs, the more I want to hear from this band. Incredibly promising and already impressed with the mix.

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