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Regnvm Animale                                  - Et Sic In Infinitvm

Regnvm Animale - Et Sic In Infinitvm

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Demo

Koen B. : Regnvm Animale just released their second effort ‘Et Sic In Infinitvm’ on CD. The band hails from Sweden and only contains two members: Jens (vocals, lyrics, thematic) and Jörgen (music and production) and was founded in 2013. Their first release was ‘Regnvm Animale’, a limited edition cassette tape. Both are available for download and hardcopy by visiting Regnvm Animale’s Bandcamp page. So far the objective part of this review.

The CD isn’t easy to get in to. Regnvm Animale plays death / black metal with punk, d-beat and crust influences as well as melancholic passages (that could have been inspired by Sadness’, Unholy’s or Chiva’s first albums). If you are looking for something different than your average blackened death metal album, this Swedish extreme duo will tickle your senses with ‘Et Sic In Infinitvm’. A bit strange but quite tasty.

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