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Ython - Titanomachy

Ython - Titanomachy

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : That the metal scene is thriving in Belgium is shown through countless groups which are gaining more fame and release very good albums. Think of King Hiss, Bliksem, Evil Invaders, Spoiled Engine and much more. Now there is the release of the debut ‘Titanomachy’ by the Antwerp band Ython. The album was released under own management and consists of eight tracks. Half of these songs are inspired by the Greek gods and forms a beautifully finished textual concept.

Ython plays traditional heavy metal. They emit good guitar work and singer Walla has a strong and good voice. Multiple keys are sung excellently by him. The production of the album might well sound slightly fatter and fuller though. Opener ' Kronos And Zeus is rightly regarded as my favourite on this album. It is an up-tempo song that shows Walla on top of his game. Their heavy metal combined with an occasional grunt voice takes care for a unique experience. Successor 'Black Shield Nymph' is already played a bit slower. The female guest vocals sound for a pleasant addition. 'Bit By The Iron Snake' and 'Prometheus' can tempt us less. It seems like the band hold themselves and do not dare to go fully. Only from 'Frenzy' on the band returns more aggressive and persuasive. With ‘Cthulhu Fhtagn' you a punch in the stomach where the combination of grunts and clean vocals once more creates a highlight. Ython is a promising band with a lot potential which has delivered a full-fledged debut album with ‘Titanomachy.

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