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Memento Waltz - Division By Zero & Antithesis Of Time

Memento Waltz - Division By Zero & Antithesis Of Time

Label : Jolly Roger Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Re-release

William Pezy : You cannot spend your entire day in the sun or on the beach on the island of Sardinia in Italy. So Gabriele Marciocco, Livio Poier and Giuseppe Deiana decided to start a metal band. To make a statement of their ambition the guys have probably called a band like Dream Theater average, predictable and not distinctive enough. It will be obvious that this band is not making music for the background. It is up-tempo progmetal with a strong technical focus. Well, if the bass player is using a unfretted bass with six strings you might be expecting something, right? Let it be clear that that is just the case. It is a band that does not seem to avoid any challenges and makes it obvious that they are to be taken very serious. Since their performance on Progpower Europe, the band has a lot of attention. The record deal is going to help. The first sign is the re-release of two of their albums. The first is ‘Antithesis Of Time’ a record made for the fanclub in 2010. The second is ‘Division by Zero’ that was recorded and released in 2013 by the band itself. If you like this genre, you ought to listen to these records.

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