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Vortech - ...Of What Remains

Vortech - ...Of What Remains

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : It does not happen often that a description in a promo sheet is accurate. Often exaggerated when it comes to describing the sound of a band and especially when it comes to the mentioned influences of other bands. Self-invented superlatives stare at you from the paper and the list of bands that would have an influence is endless. However, in the case of Vortech these influences, especially Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly and The Amenta definitely are traceable. The tight riffs and even tighter drums are clearly Fear Factory, but Vortech braid between them a mat of keyboards in the style of Front Line Assembly. This will probably mean that many death metal fans stop reading, because it will probably be too commercial again. Vortech however is indeed heavy and brutal and I predict little airplay for its guests, especially in the narrow-minded country called The Netherlands. The keyboards and electronics are certainly there, but only add something to the song, and never dominates them. In songs like 'Disconnect' and long 'Ghosts Of Existence' this is the most obvious. Real stunners in this niche genre called Industrial Death Metal. If you want to hear some Front Line Assembly with real death metal riffs, then you must purchase Vortech's 'Of What Remains'.

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