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The Silverblack - The Grand Turmoil

The Silverblack - The Grand Turmoil

Label : Sliptrick Records | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Full-length CD

Xander : Recently the outfit called The Silverblack released their album ‘The Grand Turmoil’. This duo describes their music as industrial metal, but after a food few spins the conclusion that they might as well loose the term ‘metal’ seems justified.

The major part of the music on ‘The Grand Turmoil’ consists out of synthesizers. I mean, it took almost to the end of the third track before any ‘real’ electric guitar can be noticed. The rhythm guitars are done by a nasty sounding digital sound, and also the drums sound like they came straight from a low-budget drum computer. Add to this a singer that tries his best to scream as monotonous as possible over the tracks and the picture should be complete. Maybe some fanatic fans of pumped-up synths will dig this, but in my humble opinion the best moment of the album was the end of it, so I could put on some real metal again.

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