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Mistral - Tales of Trephine and Theosophy

Mistral - Tales of Trephine and Theosophy

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Demo

Job : Mistral from Tilburg recently released an demo called ‘Tales of Trephine and Theosophy’ which was dropped in my inbox last week. Having lived in Tilburg myself for over three years now, I can’t say I’d heard of the band – but that might be on me. The band displays a progressive mix that’s, if nothing else, dynamic. Lots of influences are brought in to shape an eclectic melting pot that’s… mostly schizophrenic. The band lacks a sense of direction and two of the three songs sound unfocused and drawn-out. While it’s clear the individuals have mastered their instruments and the production is quite good for a DIY-ep, the songwriting is nothing to write home about. The grunts feel a bit generic and bland at times, while the screams and growls sound genuinely great. The EP shows potential, but only if the band works on their songs a bit and develop a sense of direction. A song that’s twelve minutes in length has to stay interesting, guys!

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