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Hades Almighty - Pyre Era, Black!

Hades Almighty - Pyre Era, Black!

Label : Dark Essence Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Vera : Infamous Hades Almighty has manifested itself last decennium mostly on stages in the Nordic scène. In the meantime they worked at new material and next year a full length album is scheduled. As taster we have the mini CD ‘Pyra Era, Black!’ now, with three song, twenty minutes of music.

In Hades Almighty one can find Jørn Inge Tunsberg on guitar and bass. Together with Varg Vikernes he was sentenced for two years in prison in 1992 for church burning. On drums we find Remi Andersen. In 2014 founder member/vocalist/bassist Janto left the band, but Hades Almighty strikes back now with vocalist Ask Ty. We know him as drummer in Krakow and vocals/drums in Kampfar. Thus we find ourselves in the epicentre of the Norwegian scène and hear three quite lengthy songs progressive black metal. That instantly indicates that the guys have developed their style since the nineties, indeed. This is the first new music from Hades Almighty in fourteen years, since they have only two albums, more precisely ‘Millenium Nocturne’ (1999) and ‘The Pulse Of Decay’ (2001). These three songs – with flawless undercurrent of tension and atmospheric passages – hold a great promise for the full length in 2016. Surrounded by atmospheric sounds, the title track shows a mid-paced tightness and sound we only know in Norwegian bands. The momentum of Immortal is cloven through by raucous, proclaiming screaming vocals. Some heathen choirs complete the passion. Vocals get kind of laborious and desperate in ’Funeral Storm’. Dark and gloomy, nevertheless the less interesting track, since the nine minutes long ‘Bound’ is better. Especially the crystal-clear guitar sounds in between with repetitive sturdiness have a trance-inducing effect. Vocals are again proclaiming, while we thought of Primordial just for a moment. This is Nordic as can be, proud and full of confidence. Hailz to that new upcoming album!

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