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Gazpacho - Molok

Gazpacho - Molok

Label : KScope | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Scarcely one year and a half after the excellent ’Demon’ our Norwegian friends of progressive outfit Gazpacho come up with a deep-draught successor. As always we could detect an engrossing story behind it. This story takes place in Paris around 1920. A man does religious as well as scientific studies and compares them. He concludes that worshipping something always ends into stone: look at our Christian cathedrals, the Stone in Mecca or even Stonehenge from ancient cultures. In Nordic mythology it is reflected in a myth that a troll would turn into stone when putting it into sunlight and it also refers to the fact that God is – in the end – incommunicado. The more detailed story you can find here and be sure it is quite fascinating!

Musically keyboardist Thomas Andersen and Jan Henrik Ohme have created again a true gem with depth: calm and contemplative as usual, but inviting to have numerous listens. Only then it will develop itself as a refined musical palette that will move you by its beauty. Listening to Gazpacho is the opposite of contributing to the hectic world. It is a signature universe, rather caressing than torturing you with velvet chants and atmospheric sounds. Religiously tinged choirs give the songs an empyrean timbre, while they even have a quite meditative character from time to time. Stian Carstensen (Farmers Market) adds an oriental zest to ‘Bela Kiss’, but it also reminds us a bit of Bigelf. However, the poetic vocals with universal alloy also have the nearest approach to bands like Mercury Rev and Marillion. Yet this has an ultimate Norwegian atmosphere, which results in an intrinsic flavour. Gazpacho remains a unique band with a self-willed approach and that’s exactly what we love.

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