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Festering - From The Grave

Festering - From The Grave

Label : Caverna Abismal Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : Old-school death metal is not my favourite style of metal. On the other hand, I can only conclude that the Portuguese act Festering makes old-school death metal as it should and as most fans want it. ‘From The Grave’ is the unique title of their debut album. Ten songs about death, destruction, decay, disease, phlegm, blood and other gore form a fairly stable album. The sound is really quite good and the music is fairly simple. A filthy growls oars all gore subjects into a mass of bloody songs. The other members seem happy with their instruments. It is even so that the album is quite entertaining every now and then. For the fan of this kind of death metal, this will surely be no punishment to listen. Personally, I get bored after a few songs because there are no real highlights are in the album. For a debut album not bad at all, but too uniform to be a real killer.

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