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Aethernaeum - Naturmystik

Aethernaeum - Naturmystik

Label : Einheit Produktionen | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : In April 2013 we announced the debut album of Aethernaeum, called
’Wanderungen Durch Den Daemmerwald’ our debut of the month. It is true, mastermind Alexander Paul Blake was already known from a solo album and he plays in Eden Weint Im Grab as well, but with this five-piece formation he creates music that us instantly reminds of Empyrium and the best works of Nocte Obducta. Inspired by nature, mysticism and folklore, he weaves his lengthy compositions as delicate cobwebs, while harsh black metal passages ultimately contrast with introvert contemplation. The foundation of black metal is graced with choirs, cello, soaring keyboards, acoustic interludes and quiescent moments of introspection. In that respect we also like to refer to bands like Agalloch, In The Woods, Dornenreich, Burzum and Wolves In The Throne Room.

Mark you, Aethernaeum has a signature sound of its own and that sound belongs to the best of German black/folk metal. The band has a busy live agenda and early next year they will be touring with Dornenreich. Unfortunately they will not visit our Lowlands again, that’s why we now focus on the new music of our accomplished Berliner collective. The album could not have a more suitable title than ‘Naturmystik’, since that’s where it is all about. The compositions are mostly long and atmospheric beauty is an important part of the game. Indeed, this is black metal in reveries, of an atmospheric kind, with huge musicality and intensity. Markus Freitag adds many melancholic accents with cello, while the rather slow tempo of many passages include grandiose melancholy anyways. For ‘Heimreise (Ein Requiem)’ they have created a magnificent video clip, in which all the strong ingredients of the band are featured. From twittering birds tot momentous clean chants, from dark male choirs to melodic leads, from mysterious whisperings to going in crescendo to ultra tight black metal: it is a total package you have to dive into as a whole. Consequently it has no value to review individual songs. It is simple: when you have a liking for Empyrium, this is a must have! Top notch class!

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