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Deth Enemy - Unmovable

Deth Enemy - Unmovable

Label : Big Sky Song Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Ruben : Very rarely I experienced a change in style like on the debut album of Australian rock band Deth Enemy. The band opens with a brilliant, utterly fantastic hard rock track called ‘C.O.D. (Call Of The Devil)’. It’s a truly fantastic track that’s made to blow up your speakers. But after this finger licking good opening the rest is of an entirely different caliber. The debut album ‘Unmovable’ moves away from the amazing opening track, far away… into the pop rock.

The gents website states that the music sounds like early Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden and, when the amazing, stadium filling, catchy openings track ‘C.O.D. (Call Of The Devil)’ is played you believe them, at least a little bit. But what follows are twelve tracks that never even get close to the quality of the opening track. From the heavy hard rock the band goes to a Def Leppard and Kiss like pop rock that is a lot less pleasing.

It’s not like the album deserves a bad grade, but the brothers Caiulo (Al on guitars and vocals, Frank on drums) deliver a couple of popular rock tracks. I also get the fact that these guys are a fairly popular live act. A lot of the pop rock tracks have certain qualities that could easily match a filled stadium. The problem is that the opening track shows a certain class that I would like to have seen exploited more on this debut track. A lot of the solos by Al Caiulo are of a good quality and give the pop rock tracks a bit of an edge. He even saves the slightly different, mediocre effort ‘Devil’s Playground’ with some amazing guitar play. It was the only track, besides ‘C.O.D.’ that sounded a bit different from the rest.

So besides the fact that Deth Enemy clearly harbors some class and tries to write certain pop rock “anthems”, the band clearly lacks power. A kind of power that was present on the opening track. It gives the album a slightly disappointing feel to it, because of what it could have been. ‘Unbroken’ is not a bad record, absolutely not, and it’s something the band can build on. This album is a step out of Australia, which is already quite something. Hopefully they’ll grace Europe with some of their pop rock pretty soon.

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