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Lacrimosa - Fassade

Lacrimosa - Fassade

Label : Hall Of Sermon | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

John : Right from the start I'm getting Goosebumps all over. It's immediately clear that musical genius and full-proof Goth Tilo Wolff and his friends delivered another masterpiece. "Fassade" is the logical follow-up for the impressive predecessor "Elodia", which was released two years ago, as was to be expected if you have heard the mini CD "Der Morgen Danach" (released last year). Well, here's the full-length follow-up at last, and if you loved 'Elodia' this is a must-have for you. Mr. Wolff used again a lot of classical instruments and big choirs, and the effect is terrific. This is more than Gothic Metal, this is gothic neo-classical avant-garde Metal/Rock. And then some! Upon the layers of beautiful piano and orchestra parts Tilo's typical vocals are floating around, varied with those of Anne Nurmi. It's dramatic and theatrical, sensitive yet intelligent. Very often modest intro's followed by the violence of lots of violins, horn sections but also (of course) screaming guitars and pounding drums. Other tracks on the other hand start with cool guitar riffs, but later on diffuse with dreamy, yet dark classical music. Compared to the former album the guitar plays a much more important role and the guitarsound is much deeper, which makes the music a lot heavier. It also seems that Tilo has found some new sources of inspiration: In the song "Warum so tief ?" you can hear some blues influences, and in "Liebesspiel" old-fashioned Thrash Metal goes hand in hand with typical Lacrimosa Gothic orchestration. No negative points then? Hmmm, just like on 'Elodia' there's a track sung by only Anne, in English, and alas that's again the weakest song on the album. That's not only because of the song, but Anne just sounds a lot better when she sings in the German language. For the rest all the songs are very good, but real classics like the 'Elodia' songs "Alleine zu Zweit" and "Halt Mich" are missing, bummer. I also didn't like the fact that this promo I received only has got fade-out tracks , so I'm like missing half of every song, and must guess the rest. Way to go Nuclear Blast, that's the Metal spirit… Anyway, this album will be available in October, and believe me, you won't be disappointed. Unless those fade-outs were meant to hide that Lacrimosa hired a scratcher/rapper or something like that….

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