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Placenta - XV – Greatest Hits

Placenta - XV – Greatest Hits

Label : Noizgate Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : The German Placenta brings us a “greatest hits” album with the very catchy apt title 'Placenta XV Greatest Hits'. Well, I do not know if this is a bit tongue in cheek but I also understand that Germans have no sense of humour, so I think they are serious. The album is in chronological order starting with their debut album which clearly shows the evolution of the band. On 'Human Abyss' from 2007 they still sound like a deathcore band, while 'Missgunst Und Neid' from 2013 is more in the melodic death metal vein. A nice overview of the band for all those who have never heard of the band (and there are certainly outside of their homeland Germany quite a lot I guess). There are also two new songs, 'Evolution' and '#Schon', which would fit nicely on their latest and show us a band that has not finished developing.

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