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Matushka - Matushka II + Mestopolozenic

Matushka - Matushka II + Mestopolozenic

Label : Musea Records | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Instrumental psychedelica from Russia. There are days when I do not listen to that kind of music. But today I will do so. Even for a very long time, because I have a whopping two releases waiting for a review. A full length from this year (‘II’) and the debut album from 2014, ‘Mestopolozenic’. I do not have any more info about the band, so let me confine myself to the music.

And the music can be referred to as a little strange. Instrumental. Floating. Not with a metal sound but much more a typical gritty sound like a band like Slint for example used to have in the 90's. Matushka is a trio consisting of drums, bass and guitar. And there are more parallels with bands of today like the Danish trio Papir, the French Glowsun or - closer to home - our own Monomyth. Although Matushka does not care that much about the groove but more about the total atmosphere than the latter band. It all sounds a tad alienating. On the album ‘II’ from this year there are four tracks, the shortest one - 'Meditation' – clocks three minutes and the longest - 'Drezina' - lasts almost 20 minutes. In the last track acoustic pieces are interspersed with electric psychedelics of the purest kind. On the debut from 2014 (‘Mestopolozenic’) are just three tracks but it also clocks more than 50 minutes combined. Then you know enough. There are repetitive - based on improvisation - jams played in a delicious way. What a space trip! Especially the last song 'Polarity' is a trip of the better kind. On this disc from 2014 the music is slightly less structured than on ‘II’. The production of both CD’s it not that great but fortunately for this kind of music it is not disturbing. It makes the whole experience just more intense. Gentlemen of Roadburn: get in touch with Russia I would say because this is the shit.

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