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Hatred - War Of Words

Hatred - War Of Words

Label : MDD Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Perfectly executed thrash metal from Germany, that is what Hatred gives us. Very closely related to Exodus and Testament the Germans offer mainly fast thrash metal with flashy guitar solos and perfect fitting fierce, aggressive vocals. A great guitar sound makes this album a joy to listen to, even though things have been copied from several other bands. Fortunately not literally but they just sound very much like the aforementioned bands and like most of the new wave of thrash metal bands. It all really does not matter because the performance is good and that is the only thing that counts. If the execution on stage is as tight as here on the record then the band can be something of a sensation. The album takes about an hour and with the pace and the energy they use here, it is perhaps a bit on the long side. Incorporating more midpaced songs would have been better. The tight riffs and double bass drums ensure at least that your adrenaline flows faster and I think that's the only thing the band wants. I say mission accomplished.

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