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Deep River Acolytes - From The Voids Of Chaos

Deep River Acolytes - From The Voids Of Chaos

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Demo

Vera : Deep River Acolytes used to operate under the moniker Deliverance and they released in 2013 the album ‘Relentless Grace’ on Empire Records. Early 2014 they changed their name in Deep River Acolytes and ‘From The Voids Of Chaos’ happens to be their first demo/EP with three songs. The six-piece hailing from Oulu, Finland mentions that they will go for a more groovy/doomy approach from now on.

Deep River Acolytes joins the list of bands with a proper vintage sound, that’s obvious. ‘Misleaders’ and ‘Dwellers In The Mist’ appear to be compact four minutes songs one can describe as sturdy, groove-laden hard rock, regaled with robust vocals, a bit in the vein of Spice (ex-Spiritual Beggars). The vintage organ, which is always present, increases that impression. In the second song they sound quite psychedelic, with sprinkling fluttering guitar sounds. The third track ‘The Dreams In The Witch-House’ is a ten minutes long doom epic with halfway some greasy grunts. Not bad at all, but not epoch-making either. Their imago is invigorated with any symbols of alchemic nature. We are curious about the band’s efforts in the near future. If you have a liking for heavy rock/doom with vintage overtones, it might be a pleasure to check this out.

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