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Stahlsarg - Comrades In Death

Stahlsarg - Comrades In Death

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Kevin : This band annoys me. The music is extraordinarily mediocre and obsolete, they have their own brand of beer, something which I barely tolerate from gods like Iron Maiden and Motörhead, but not from some third rate "black metal" band. The bandpic is shit, the logo is shit and is a complete rip off of Vreid´s logo. Furthermore they take pride in going on tour with a shit band like Endstille and give shit interviews at shit festivals. This is a group of Brits that have taken all stylistic features of black metal and think that they automatically play black metal. What is lacking here is devotion, possession, conviction, ideology and spirit. Please, go play death metal or something. Yuk.

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