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SpoOken - A Shadow Larger Than Reality

SpoOken - A Shadow Larger Than Reality

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Demo

Marcel H. : Regressive post doom metal, what is that? Well, that is what SpoOken plays, according to themselves. I do hear a doom metal and post metal mix on this mini-cd. But what regressive entails? No idea. That it’s not progressive is what I think, but then again, progressive hasn’t been progressive for a very long time. ‘A Shadow Larger Than Reality’ is a mighty fine first acquaintance with these gentlemen. The five songs are over before you even notice it. All songs are characterized by a mix of post metal with doom metal. Personally I consider the band at its strongest when they play the parts that are almost pure doom. So, when the band slows down even more. These sections really stick in your head. Those parts might not sound original but they are mighty scrumptious. That is because the bass is put forward here and really shines. This instrument is really underappreciated by a lot of bands. SpoOken figured out that it doesn’t hurt to make the bass more prevalent in the mix and let it do its thing. Real highlights I haven’t come across on this five track demo. Everything is of the same high quality level and really makes me curious as to what the band comes up with next.

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