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Slowtorch - Serpente

Slowtorch - Serpente

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Oh God help, Italy. I still get cold and hot sweat pouring out of me when I get to review an Italian band even though lately quite a bit of nice stuff has come out of that country and not everything is dire when it comes to metal from Italy, but the largest part is still cheesy as hell, super sugary kitsch metal (although colleague Nima tries to convince me an loads of others that we’re wrong). Slowtorch is an Italian stoner combo. So, we’re safe when it comes to Italy in this respect. That is the only metal subgenre they haven’t managed to sugar up, cheese up and make total kitsch. Slowtorch is totally not original but that doesn’t matter because the band rocks like a swinging udder. Really a band which will get everyone in a small venue to move and dance. Big inspiration Kyuss clearly rears its head from time to time, but no worries that’s something you see quite often in this neck of the woods.

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