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Serial Butcher - Brute Force Lobotomy

Serial Butcher - Brute Force Lobotomy

Label : Unique Leader | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : Serial Butcher from Belgium; I almost forgot about them. It has been five years since they released ’A Crash Course In Cranium Crushing’. On ‘Brute Force Lobotomy’ the band presents itself in a fine way again. They don’t deliver anything new and I don’t care. To me it is important that I enjoy myself while listening to an album. Originality isn’t all that important in that case. Serial Butcher simply delivers ten new cuts that sound really good. As far as I’m concerned the mix is well-done. The fat riffs bleed from the speakers and next to the blast parts the band also incorporates plenty of groove to the songs. Within brutal death metal almost everything has been done already and you should embrace proper albums that might not go down in history as genre classics. This is such an album and it should appeal to fans of bands such as Suffocation or Severe Torture. If you like that style you definitely should give ‘Brute Force Lobotomy’ a shot.

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