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Sectorial - We Are The Titan’s Rising Ashes (W.A.T.R.A.)

Sectorial - We Are The Titan’s Rising Ashes (W.A.T.R.A.)

Label : Noizr Productions | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Neithan : Colleague Koen B. already reviewed the debut of this Ukranian band stating ”The cherry on Sectorial's cake however is the use of a flute or pan flute in their music. You either love it or hate it and I fucking despise it! If you're a Gheorge Zamfir addict just add an extra 25 points to the final score.”. Let me say that I do not want to add those 25 points straight away, but I do miss some elements in that review. Sectorial’s sophomore album is released by Noizr Production, which has the ambition of becoming a label for quality Ukranian releases (for lovers of technical ferocious black metal do check out Nabaath). And yes, Sectorial do bring quality and has a sound of their own with their mix of ethnic instruments and grindcore/death metal (!). Colleague Koen mentioned Brutal Truth and Impaled Nazerene, but I would most certainly add Meshuggah (because of the disharmonic rythms) and most certainly mighty Kroda: not just because this band is also from the Ukraine, but also because of the use of the folklore instruments and the themes.

I myself have been a fan of the use of non-metal elements ever since AC-DC’s ‘It’s A Long Way To The Top’, Sear Bliss’s ‘Phantoms’ and Therion’s ‘Theli’, but I hate the use in happy happy power metal: Sectorial does certainly not belong to that latter category, thank Wodan for that. Counter rythms and blast beats from the drums which change into introvert passages with the use of instruments like drymba, flute and more and back to ferocious melodic death/grindcore, that is what to expect. For the few who know the debut ‘Erase And Reborn The Humanity’: the style has not so much changed, but it is less blunt ferocity and some more depth which brings more balance to the band’s music and does more right to the ethnic elements. The thrash/death aspects of the debut (sometimes it felt a bit like Swedish bands like The Haunted and The Crown) are especially to be heard on the first half of the album: from ‘The Embers’ on it becomes more epic and brings more variety compared to the debut. Especially Kroda fans should check that part of the album out.

Don’t let the sometimes strange English song titles scare you off, and if you want extreme music a bit different you should give Sectorial a chance. The band has clearly put a lot of work into finding the right studio and the recording process, and that can be heard back. The album (in short ‘W.A.T.R.A.’) has an honest sound which maintains the dynamics of the songs. Fans of old school death metal with a twist should listen the first part, others with a taste more similar like yours truly (fierce and heathen) the second part. Enjoy!

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