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Orkan - Livlaus

Orkan - Livlaus

Label : Dark Essence Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Orkan is a band that consists of tenured musicians in black metal. Hailing from bands like Taake and Bifrost they obviously know the ropes and under the name of Orkan they have now recorded an album called 'Livlaus'. If this album is meant to bring the typical Norwegian black metal to everyone's attention, then it is successful, although the album adds nothing to existing releases of the past decade. Opener 'Fandan Pa Eggen' is immediately a bit disappointing in the sense that it takes too long for the song to get going and it actually fails to distribute a final blow, as it were. The album is well packed full of quality, because the songs have enough variation and the changes in tempo and emotion run smoothly, but there is nothing that comes across as original. Connoisseurs of black metal will hear also that there is a lot of Taake's sound is used, which perhaps is not surprising as the driving force of Orkan (Gjermund Fredheim) is from that band. Additionally Hoest from Taake itself sings also a tune on 'Uforgjengeleg' making the connection between the two bands just a little too much. By the way, 'Orkan' is also a song title from 'Noregs Vaapen', an album by Taake. You want more of the same, however, you can definitely give 'Livlaus' a listen.

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