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Mantra Machine - Nitrogen

Mantra Machine - Nitrogen

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under stoner

Release type: LP

Kevin : Us Dutchies are damn good at playing space music and Mantra Machine are a damned good Dutch band. ‘Nitrogen’ is their debut album and a great one at that! Ik can hear echoes of 35007, Astrosoniq and Kyuss, but the band does have an own way of doing things and a distinct own sound.
Tight, grooving drums support throbbing bass lines and the whole is drenched in paced out riffs and guitar jams. There is also quite a lot of synth and effect action going on, making it a combination of psychedelia and hard riffing rock. I know from first-hand experience that these guys are great on a stage and their energy has carried over on this album. This is absolute quality that will fill any psychonaut with joy. ‘Nitrogen’ is a heavenly, instrumental trip through the universe, both the physical and the mental one.

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