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Invokation - Ascending From Aeons Passed

Invokation - Ascending From Aeons Passed

Label : CCP Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : From Saarbrücken / Germany comes Invokation, a band that is around since 2007. Their first and only demo ‘Invokation’ was released in 2009. It’s follow-up, a full-length that goes by the name ‘Ascending From Aeons Passed’ was recorded in 2013 but now finally sees the light of day. The main reason for the immense delay was the group had to find a new record label because things didn’t exactly work out as expected with their previous label.

Now Invokation is signed with CCP Records from Austria. ‘Ascending From Aeons Passed’ contains eight uncompromisingly death metal tracks reminiscent of Deicide and Morgoth as well as some overwhelming melodic black metal touches similar to Dimmu Borgir and Emperor. A strange combination maybe but for Invokation it’s the perfect fit. This has become a surprisingly good debut album that deserves to be better known.

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