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Stormzone - Seven Sins

Stormzone - Seven Sins

Label : Metal Nation Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : The Irish heavy metal brigade around vocalist John "Harv" Harbinson has been treating us on unadulterated traditional heavy metal for eight years already, and has so far delivered four fantastic albums. The fourth album, ’Three Kings’, the band showed a more progressive approach, which unlike many bands didn’t go at the cost of the strength and intensity, but really had an added value. And that comes from a person whose prefer the straightforward approach, mind you.

On the fifth long player, 'Seven Sins', the quintet continues on the same path and has come up with a logical continuation of its predecessors. The album opens strongly with ‘Bathsheba’, which immediately sets the tone for the rest of the album. The song sounds very traditional, delightfully recognizable and grabs you immediately. ‘Another Rainy Night’ sounds even more traditional and has a tasty 80s feel to it. Definitely one of my favorite tracks of the album. With songs like ‘I Know Your Pain', 'Raise The Knife', the speedy ‘Abandoned Souls’ and the pompous closing track 'Born Of The Damned', we have a number of these traditional songs.

The progressive approach of the predecessor are reflected in songs like ‘Your Time Has Come’, ‘You're Not The Same', 'Special Brew', 'Master Of Sorrow', the title track and ‘The One That Got Away'. The latter also illustrates a more modern approach. However, the men have been able to find a better balance between the two worlds, and the different influences are present in every song. This makes 'Seven Sins' an even more diverse record. And besides, the whole sounds utterly Stormzone. Guitarist Steve Moore has again take the production into his own hands, and the album leaves little to be desired on sound-techniocal matters. I must say that despite its catchy nature the album sometimes needs more time in order to come into its own properly. And is definitely is woth that time! In short, this is yet another high-quality album of these men, that will confirm their status and will also appeal to a broad audience. Fans of traditional heavy metal with a progressive edge should definitely give 'Seven Kings' a chance.

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