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Scarlet Stories - Resurrection

Scarlet Stories - Resurrection

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Demo

Sjak : The from Tilburg hailing progressive rock band Scarlet Stories was in 2012 at first started as a collaboration between guitar player Bram te Kamp and female singer Lisette van den Berg and has over the years grown into a full band with the addition of drummer Tip Kuper, bass player Wessel Maas and female guitar player Carmen Raats. In 2013 an acoustic debut EP was released, which is now two years later followed by this ‘Resurrection’ EP on which four songs are to be found. Two of the four tracks (‘Nostalgia In A Closed Mind’ and title track ‘Resurrection’) were already present on the mentioned debut EP, while the two other tunes ‘Dance Of Narcissism’ and ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ are new.

The song material of Scarlet Stories is very varied and heavy passages are interchanged with long drawn-out acoustic pieces. This means that it will take you a couple of listens before the true beauty of the Scarlet Stories material will come to the surface. When you’re prepared to do this investment, you will be rewarded with very beautiful songs, in which especially female singer Lisette van den Berg is showcasing her talents. In my opinion she should have been featured a bit more prominently in the overall mix, but that’s just a small point of criticism. Scarlet Stories proves to be a talented band with intelligent song material, which should be able to appeal to both the fans of progressive rock as well as progressive metal.

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