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Crystal Crow  - Once Upon A Midnight Dreary

Crystal Crow - Once Upon A Midnight Dreary

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : This sounds quite interesting. German Crystal Crow collects in aggression and heaviness, but also in melancholy and fine melodies. Their atmospheric dark metal includes influences from doom and progressive elements, while Moonspell and Paradise Lost are mentioned as their lightened examples. The band gets an explicit sound by the large vocal ranges of singer Dirk ‘Whych’ Binder. For the second time the four-piece worked with producer Markus Stock (Empyrium, The Vision Bleak) at the Klangschmiede Studio E, since they have released an album ‘Unearth The Dark’ in 2006, preceded by two EPs.

Well, that vocalist is indeed something special and he gives the band a special touch. In opener ‘No Place In Paradise’ he already opens all registers. We hear a momentous low baritone, but if he goes to higher regions it also sound powerful. Yet special. That vibrating tremolo in the voice, there is no use in exaggerating in that. And then suddenly we find ourselves in the midst of rolling grunts. Well-done grunts. It is strange that this crooner sound and those creepy growls come out of the same throat. The music is mainly made up of stomping, vigorous riffs with distortion and now and then a sure-fire guitar solo, best noticeable in the title track, ‘The Call’ and the over the top solo in ‘World Of Lies’. They play really tight, but the vocalist demands all attention. His magniloquent style has a theatrical impact, which is best illustrated in slower songs as ‘The Call’ and the solemn rendered ‘The Raven’, which is one of the best tracks. Not every song is a direct hit, towards the end the thrill is gone, but when you are – just like me – charmed by this special way of singing, this happens to be a dark, mysterious record that holds potential for the future.

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