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Creeping Flesh - Rising Terror

Creeping Flesh - Rising Terror

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Demo

Wilco : A death metal demo from Sweden. Creeping Flesh is the band and ‘Rising Terror’ is their second shot. All lyrics are about war so the link with Bolt Thrower is easily made. Musically the are on the same level, but this act certainly is not a clone. But I do think they released this demo too early. Of course, these guys are very descent musicians, but I think they burnt most of their fire in the first two songs. The remaining three songs are okay, but quite less entertaining as the first two are. ‘Airborne’ is striking because of the awesome guitar melodies en ‘Terrorize’ has some very catchy rhythms. Very nice to check out. The three other songs do not possess such gems and are average death metal songs, and point-out the limited possibilities of singer Robert Karlsson as well. His grunts are ok, but too uniform during five songs. So, this is quite a nice demo, but much more is possible, I am sure.

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