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Antagonist Zero - No Tears

Antagonist Zero - No Tears

Label : Inverse Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Marcel H. : The first notes of title song ‘No Tears’ immediately make clear what we’re dealing with. Melodic death doom along the lines of the early years of the ‘Peaceville Three’. Originality is far far away on this EP or one must consider singing some songs in Finnish as original. Musically it is all mighty fine. Nice and heavy death doom alternated with serene passages where a kind of whispering vocal style is employed. Also a nice and deep death grunt is employed at times. ‘No Tears’ is a continuation of 2012’s ’Doomed’. The taken road is being consolidated and the band certainly deserves more recognition with their death doom. Why are their compatriots of Swallow The Sun so immensely popular and not these guys? Marketing by a big label is the only reason since Antagonist Zero is so much better.

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