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Various Artists - Baden Metal: The Griffin Has Landed

Various Artists - Baden Metal: The Griffin Has Landed

Label : Infinite Metal Promotion | Archive under various

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : Concept: Baden Metal is an organisation that supports the southern German metal scene. In July 2015 they released their third compilation album with a summary of any current bands with any significance in the region. Out of 35 candidates the best songs were extracted and in the end sixteen groups made it to this compilation. Baden Metal does not only put out compilations by the way, they also maintain a solid network of magazines, clubs, DJs, bookers and so on and thus are an improtant link for any metal band of the region.

Track list:

1. Lyfthrasyr - Evolution
A duo that plays solid thrash and death metal. There is a lot of variety with industrial beats and strings. An amazing track.

2. Nachtschatten - Blitzschlag
Industrial thrash metal with German vocals. A good song.

3. Stillborn - War Inc.
The intro is a war scene. The music is tight death metal the American way. Very strong.

4. Zombieslut - Revenge Of The Malevolent Unmade
Addictive Death metal.

5. Convictors - Proclivity
A good death metal song.

6. The Last Days Of Fall - Sinners
Elsewhere in this edition you can read my review about their new EP. They seem a very promising band.

7. Skaldheim - Mother Of A Thousand Young
Death metal mixed with metalcore. Nice one.

8. Aeglos - Gil-Galad
Doom metal with vocals like Ozzy. Not really my thing, but when I heard the grunt voice it became somewhat more exciting. Perhaps the balance between clean and grunts should be more equally divided in the future.

9. Battlemage - Cold Winter's Night
Folk Metal with a really nice violin melody. The vocals may sound slightly sharper.

10. V-Hajd - I Don’t Need
Well played heavy metal. The singer does suffer from a German accent, but when he takes care of this the band might have a chance on a bright future.

11. The Prophecy²³ - Pit Laserbeam
Aery good singer who also can handle the higher notes. Lots of variety and change of pace.

12. The Rump Shaking Rider Crew -Vodca Woman Cluttony
Party death metal with a touch of metalcore. A very nice song with a chorus that gets under your skin.

13. Dein Feuer - Spieglein, Spieglein
High-quality German Punk Metal.

14. BlindFall - Ending
Female vocalist who can sing clean as well as heavy. Very strong tune.

15. Distressed To Marrow - Revelation Of Insanity
Doom metal with faster parts. And a very strong number.

16. Ajana - The Past I Thrive
Very nice voice, lots of atmosphere.

Conclusion: It seems the soil in southern Germany must be very fertile for metal musicians. The material on this compilation is pretty good, though there is room fo improvement here and there. But these are just details. The album only costs five Euros (+ two Euros shipping in Germany or three Euros rest of Europe), and that is a very competitive price for 78 minutes of music we enjoyed a lot here at LoM. The album can be ordered from the Baden Metal website.

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