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The Long Escape - The Warning Signal

The Long Escape - The Warning Signal

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : 'The Warning Signal' is the new album from The Long Escape from France. In 2011 they already released the band's debut album ('Triptych') but that album never reached the offices of Lords Of Metal. Fortunately, through this new CD we can still get acquainted with the band around singer / guitarist / composer Kimo. For ‘The Warning Signal’ is a strong album by a great band.

After a few listening you do not yet know exactly how you would describe the band. Sometimes that is annoying because the music you hear is just a to incoherent jumble. Well, there is nothing annoying about the music of The Long Distance, on the contrary. It is certainly diverse in terms of styles and the band knows how to vary in tempo as well. But there is also a good ratio of heavy - relaxed. Therefore the music never gets monotonous. True heavy, almost machine-like guitar riffs alternate with Porcupine Tree-like prog rock. And with a different use of his voice Kimo knows to create the necessary differences in emphasis. He roars the lungs from his slender body but he can also sing subdued or know how to sound like a modern, typical American rock band (and that for a Frenchman!). And the vocal harmonies are just brilliant! Furthermore the level of play is very high and that makes all the tracks so exciting and rewarding. Frenzied guitar solos go hand in hand with very surprising twists in chord progressions. Besides the new album of Naïve, this is just another very fine French release of internationally advanced level.

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