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The Dreaming Tree - Silverfade

The Dreaming Tree - Silverfade

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : 'Silver Fade' already is the fourth album from The Dreaming Tree, a band from England that I had not heard of before. The band calls itself an alternative rock band with progressive influences. Well, that is great. That is almost as meaningless as the overvalued magic word 'eclectic'. The band plays a mixture of pop and rock with occasional some overdriven guitar sounds but even more often it sounds behaved and conventional. But this variation works wonderfully.

The progressive influences I do hear incidentally; several times the keyboards resemble to the classical symphonic bands from the seventies. But since the band uses a modern guitar rock sound to seep through those classic keys, it still has something alternative. At its best moments the band reminds of bands like Porcupine Tree, but those moments are still scarce. The band alternates sweet sounding pop music songs like opener 'Yesterday's Tomorrow' with more heavy, lingering and therefore exciting tracks like 'Forever Not Forever' and 'Higgs'. And then after listening to 'Cherry Winters' you wonder where such a jazzy, easy listening track is coming from. Songs like 'Every Minute Lost' remind me of the music of It Bites and that is a compliment. I'm not really impressed by the voice of singer Chris Buckler but his voice fits the music of The Dreaming Tree. Typical English, without much technique but with emotion and passion. Guitarist Dan Jones surprises several times with fine guitar solos as in the relaxed 'Loose It Off ‘(also beautiful vocals!). The band saves the best songs for last: the fragile 'The Ocean' (which is really too short), the beautiful 'Kosovo' and the longest track of the CD 'Zero To Type One'. I think this is typically an album that grows as you listen to it more often. There are good tracks, a few lesser songs as well, but overall this is an album that is worth checking out.

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