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Stone In Egypt - Tomb Transmissions Vol. 1

Stone In Egypt - Tomb Transmissions Vol. 1

Label : Off The Record Label | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : Stone In Egypt is a Dutch doom metal band with a slight stoner edge that was formed in 1998 and died a silent death after their last EP ‘The Dying Free’. Singer/guitarist and constant factor Tjeerd de Jong did return onto the scene in 2012 with Serpentarius. In 2014 Stone In Egypt was resurrected and to emphasise that event the compilation ‘Tomb Transmissions Vol. 1’ has been released. This 15-song album came out through the Off The Record Label that Tjeerd runs and that is affiliated to the recently opened record store Off The Record in the city of Kampen.

‘Tomb Transmissions Vol. 1’ doesn’t contain any new songs but is a compilation of the best tracks from the debut ’Stone In Egypt’ (2000), the album ‘Almost Forever’ (2003), the album ’Swinging Dead In Summertime’ ( 2005) and the aforementioned EP ’The Dying Free’ (2007). When it comes to the music you could place Stone In Egypt between the so-called Maryland doom bands like Pentagram or The Obsessed and the more stoner-like style in the vein of 35007. So solid music, that isn’t any lesser that the bands mentioned. Stone In Egypt is working hard on a new album that should be released later this year and will be entitled ‘Feel The Void’. Next to Tjeerd de Jong he band these days consists of bassist Rene N. Bronwasser (ex-Osiris, Circle Of Emotions) and drummer Mike Nijenhuis (ex-Stoner Magnet). Las detail: ‘Tomb Transmissions Vol. 1’ will also be released on vinyl. I think you are all up to date now.

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