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Stahlmann - CO2

Stahlmann - CO2

Label : AFM Records | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : For most genres there’s no escape: after a few years everything will sound the same. You know the drill: a handful of trendsetters develop a new sound, dozens of other bands copy it and before you know it everybody is repeating what everybody already has done. It happened to hardrock, heavy metal, thrash, black, death, and nowadays it’s the modern progressive scene that is getting crowded with the style of music that were not supposed to call djent as a clear example. But I don’t think I’ve ever heard a genre as devoid of creativity as NDH (Neue Deutsche Harte). I regretfully inform you that Stahlmann is part of this impossibly popular genre (though mostly confined within German borders) and blatantly copies from peers in the scene. My god, does this sound like Rammstein from twenty years ago. Or what Oomph did before that. ‘CO2’ is nothing more than a shameless repackaging of Rammstein material from the past twenty years. I’m sorry to say this, but you’re better off just sticking to bands that are actually able to display some sense of innovation than to listen to Stahlmann.

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