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Spock's Beard - The Oblivion Particle

Spock's Beard - The Oblivion Particle

Label : Inside Out | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Winston : A band that over the years could not escape line-up changes and that fear that it would not do well because of that is Spock's Beard. But every time the band came back with strong albums and live performances. Now there is a second album of the line-up Ted Leonard, Ryo Okumoto, Dave Meros, Alan Morse and Jimmy Keegan and this resurrects the band even further. ‘Brief Nocturnes And Dreamless Sleep already was a very good album, but 'The Oblivion Particle’ is even better and shows a band with members that really connect. Varied as ever, yet still surprising. Drummer Jimmy Keegan sings 'Bennett Built A Time Machine, which is a godsend for him and the band. Ted Leonard is as lead singer top notch and he's blends completely in the spirit of the band. How he gives everything is shown in 'Minion'. Oddly enough he seems to be more at home in Spock’s Beard by now than in his own band Enchant whose most recent studio album was rather disappointing. Throughout the album around you hear how this group of musicians can read and write with each other and really you hear the inspiration and energy all over ('A Better Way To Fly’). Funny fact is to note that the departure of Neal Morse (after 'Snow'), eventually helped the band more than if he had stayed. The Beard is back from never being away. Super album!

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