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Sebastien - Dark Chambers Of Déjà Vu

Sebastien - Dark Chambers Of Déjà Vu

Label : Pride And Joy | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : It seems as if everything Roland Grapow touches turns into gold. Masterplan is still going as strong as ever, with Serious Black he has delivered a stunning piece of music and as a producer we can always find him being involved in interesting stuff. This time he is turning the buttons at Sebastien from Czech Republic, and on this second album of the band he also puts in a few notes himself. And as can be expected, a masterpiece emerged. Now what is Sebastien? Just a Czech band would not even be close to doing justice to them. On their debut album ‘Tears Of White Roses’ they already gathered an impressive amount of guests and build a very notable album. Nothing changed on that front and this time guest appearances by among others Tony Martin and Zak Stevens contribute to making this record unforgettable.

Opening with ‘Stranger At The Door’, Sebastien showcases their ability to write progressive power metal as strong as steel. Guided by the beautiful voice of George Rain we are drawn into a world called Sebastien. Does ‘Crucifiction Of The Heart’ sound familiar to you? Possible, an instrumental version of this awesome song is featured in the official trailer for Wacken 2016. But we are not nearly there yet, for we are yet to be treated on the amazingly beautiful ‘Lamb Of God’, the chaotic ‘The Walls Of Lyman-Alpha’, the grand ‘The Ocean’, and what to think of ‘Sleep In The Glass’? There is not a single filler on this album, everything is performed perfectly into the smallest detail and those small details are all done justice by the crystal-clear production by Roland. A Masterplan clone? Absolutely not, but in terms of musical level these guys are absolutely not a step behind Grapow’s main source of income. This is surely going to by one of the best records in the genre this year, so get your hands on this thing! Oh, did I already mention the majestic live cover of ‘Headless Cross’ closing the album?

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