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Rifftera - Pitch Black

Rifftera - Pitch Black

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : What is happening there in Finland? It seems that if you shake a tree, there are at least four metal bands that are falling out of it. And most of them sound good. From the coastal city of Vaasa comes the Finnish band Rifftera. The name sounds a bit cliché but they sure can play. The band plays a combination of hard thrash / death metal with a lot of riffs and interspersed with pieces of melodic thrash, with a keyboard added for some subtitle padding. The vocals are a mix of roarer / guitarist Jane Hietal which merges the whole at a metal core direction and singer / guitarist Mikko Kuoppamaa who takes care of the clean vocals. Right from the opening track 'Back To Life' Rifftera shows how to play. The absolute highlight is the slightly more than eleven minute lasting closing track 'Pitch Black'. It starts off like a ballad, flows into a real heavy tune and in the end returns the keyboards and piano again. 'Pitch Black' has become a very atmospheric and melodic album. The entire album has been recorded at home by the band members, only the drum parts were recorded by a professional hired gunr. Live a drum computer is used. It is about time that a record company shows some interest in this promising band.

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