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Overtorture - A Trail Of Death

Overtorture - A Trail Of Death

Label : Apostasy Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : Damn. This has become a true killer album. The debut was not wrong at all, but what these Swedish have done here is really great. This band plays death metal as it should be; coarse, blunt, heavy and brutal. No, not the destructive terror by the likes of Belphegor or Krisiun. Overtorture's metal is more like a heavier version of what we know from Bolt Thrower and Grave, though the pace on this album is quite a lot higher. Also, compared to the debut album the pace is quite high, but it's certainly not a continuous roar. Mid tempo parts and heavy bulldozer riffs often pass by to add some nice variety. The grunt is heavy and dirty. The drums keep on pounding and the guitar leads are also back in action, wonderful. Moreover, the sound is excellent, but the album is in no way overproduced. In short, this album is full of entertaining, very catchy, death metal. I will be very surprise if there are any death metal fans out there who do not like this album. Many novice and established acts alike should listen to this just to see how high the bar has been set. Recommendations? The entire album!

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