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Orkan - Livlaus

Orkan - Livlaus

Label : Dark Essence Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : Orkan is a relatively new Norwegian black metal band with (ex) members of Taake and Byfrost in their ranks and this ‘Livlaus’ is their second full-length. While their debut ‘Crimson Canvas’ apparently could be characterised as thrashy, this ‘Livlaus’ is rather more traditional. Still, thrashy licks and segments are still present, but these do not dominate the overall vibe of the album, which feels rather more like a less pagan styled Helheim or Kampfar. At least that is what I get from ‘Livlaus’. To be honest: I could do without any of the thrash-influences, but their take on black metal often has quite some depth and atmosphere to it. Prime examples are the songs ‘Fanden På Veggen’ and ‘Livlaus Del 3’. ‘Livlaus’ isn’t a consistent success throughout its duration, but the overall quality is quite high. So if the prospect of hearing a more modern version of Kvist and the aforementioned bands excites you, by all means check Orkan out.

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