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Kissing Candice - Blind Until We Burn

Kissing Candice - Blind Until We Burn

Label : Victory Records | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : A bloody mix of classic metal, industrial metal, hardcore and electronic music, that is how you could describe the band Kissing Candice. At least, according to founder Joey Simpson. Him being a multi-instrumentalist and sampler it is not surprising to hear that there are multiple keyboards and samples on 'Blind Until We Burn'. Fortunately it all is used in a way that it only complements the song and not dominates it because the emphasis still is on catchy yet heavy riffs. A comparison with Five Finger Death Punch is not far off the mark, only Kissing Candice in my ears is more creative dealing with the space that contemporary listeners is allowing new bands to use. Lyrically the band often opts for a theme like horror but they also show they are not completely of the planet by addressing issues dealing with youth and relating issues. However, the themes are clearly aimed at a younger audience. Visually, they continue the horror theme and work with masks and makeup, and live performances should also be a very rewarding experience. American entertainment par excellence, but with musical credibility because the songs are all very good because of the diversity on the one hand and the straight forward feel that prevails. The parts that are sung with a clear voice are also another wonderful feature that Kissing Candice uses and I actually feel that this band has all the makings to be a great band. Especially the older teen audience should completely go for this band.

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