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Depressed - Afterlife In Darkness

Depressed - Afterlife In Darkness

Label : Black Lion Productions | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Sicktus : Depressed are a death metal band from Brazil who were active for a brief period at the end of the nineties and who rebooted in 2012. At the moment, they are in their third carnation really, since the only remaining member from the 2012 reboot is vocalist and founder Giovani Venttura. On 'Afterlife In Darkness' however, we still hear the 2012 line-up. Anyway. Traditional, raw oldschool death is what we get on this album. A rather unsubtle, aggressive, quite antichristian bluntness is the quintets main weapon. I was reminded of some old Cannibal Corpse, old Deicide, but also bands such as Altar (and every now and then even the utter simplistic approach of a band such as Master) are there. Raw, rough, gritty and straightforward, with a lot of emphasis on the riffing. 'Afterlife In Darkness' has its rough edges, but the diamond also sparkles: this album is surreptitiously rather catchy as well. The pace is slowed down at times, tending towards an almost death/doom like slowness. Depressed manage to keep the core simple, but add enough variation to their material to keep things interesting. Almost forty minutes of pounding drums, good growls, nice - although not too original - riffing, some screaming solos and an overall nineties feel sounds like your cup of tea? Better check this one out then! (and don't forget the hidden track!)

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