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Calcined - Tormenting Attractions

Calcined - Tormenting Attractions

Label : Great Dane Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Sicktus : After the release of the 2011 EP 'Thwarted', now there is the debut full-length by these Swiss: 'Tormenting Attractions'. I was not overly enthusiastic about 'Thwarted' back then: the album sounded a bit messy and the sound itself wasn't all that either. The band at least show progress on 'Tormenting Attractions', although the album still sounds rather messy. The songwriting bar has been raised, but the result is a lot of nervous and unexpected pace changing, breaks and drum patterns. It however did not lead to any coherent songs. Nothing wrong with nervous music or unexpected breaks, but for some reason, 'Tormenting Attractions' at times almost sounds like all the band members played did indeed their parts the way they were supposed to, but everything put together just does not work. The production / sound is once again quite mediocre at best, unfortunately. Volumes actually sag 'mid-growl', 'mid-riff' or 'mid-blast' at times and the whole just does not sound, well, as a whole. Especially the drum sound lacks power. Admittedly, there seems to have been not much rectifying and 'cheating' by means of Pro-Tools fixes and that is in itself somewhat of a compliment, in this zero-zero-one-one recording age. In this case though, I bit of Pro-Tools magic would not have hurt. Better than the previous release, but still rather middle of the pack at best.

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