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Gorepunch - Give 'Em Hell

Gorepunch - Give 'Em Hell

Label : Seeing Red Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : The band Gorepunch might be new, the band members do have a ton of experience. For instance drummer Mike Heller. He is also in Fear Factory and Malignancy and used to be in System Divide. That act is the common factor as bassist Andrew Lenthe and guitarists Cole Martinez and Michael Wilson used to be in that band too. Next to that some members also used to be involved in bands like Aborted and Abigail Williams. Singer Matt Phillips completes the band.

‘Give ‘Em Hell’ is the debut with eight tracks and with a total playing time of 26 minutes it’s not the longest album out there. You can expect eight well-placed punches as this is bone hard death metal comparable to acts like Aborted, Exhumed and other similar bands. We can’t complain about the sound quality and I think this album will find its way to the fans of fast, hard and modern sounding death metal. To me it all sounds a bit too recognizable. There are no real surprises here. It all sounds fine but Gorepunch doesn’t redefine the genre. When I wrote this review there was no YouTube clip available but you can check out the sounds through Bandcamp.

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