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Will'O'Wisp - Inusto

Will'O'Wisp - Inusto

Label : Nadir Music | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Cedric : Italian progressive death metal band Will’O’Wisp was already founded in 1992 but only has three albums to show for that time (not counting the demo). The reason for this is that the band decided to call it quits right after the release of their second album ‘Unseen’ in 1998. However, in 2008, founding member Paolo Puppo (guitar) found a new group of musicians willing to bring back to life the band, with as a result the third album ‘Kosmo’ in 2012. Three years later the band wrote some new tunes and is ready to release their fourth record, ‘Inusto’.

I am not familiar with the previous albums of Will’O’Wisp and am therefore curious to discover what ‘Inusto’ has to offer, especially since the band announces this new album as a progressive death metal opera in tribute to Russian painter Nicholas Roerich. Many different types of death metal can be found in the genre and what you will find here is of the more melodic type. Melodic death metal is nothing special in itself but the band actually succeeds in giving the music an interesting touch by adding various orchestral and progressive rock elements to the sound. The song ‘Path To Shambhala’ for example starts of with piano and slowly turns into a melodic death/thrash metal song that regularly reminds me of Extol. ‘Sacred Signs’ uses sporadic female operatic styled vocals and some light (recent) Opeth and Dream Theater elements to make the song more interesting. The music never gets as hard or technical as for example Obscura, but it also never becomes as soft and proggy as can be heard on the latest Opeth albums. If you are looking for a new brutal death metal album ‘Inusto’ will probably not be it, but whoever can appreciate the last Opeth albums and does not mind bands like Extol or The Haunted will definately find this album to be an enjoyable listen. ‘Inusto’ never really gave me the feeling of listening to a metal opera but Will’O’Wisp delivers a decent batch of songs on it within the melodic, light progressive death metal genre.

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