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We Almost Killed The Cabin Crew - Boola Boola

We Almost Killed The Cabin Crew - Boola Boola

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Remco Post : The band's name is very original and calls for an explanation, but unfortunately the music does not. We Almost Killed The Cabin Crew makes music that sound like a combination of bands like Kyuss and Black Sabbath with also clear blues influences. The disc has a duration time round 20 minutes and that is long enough. There are some nice riffs on it with a guitar that sounds exactly the same as those from Kyuss, but the lead sounds the same as a six-string that has been bought in a toy store. The vocals are recorded with a continuous effect that sounds like the singer was locked in the bathroom during the recording sessions, and is often just against or over the edge. The title track ‘Boola Boola’ is what vague hassle of less than a minute, so actually there are only four real tracks on it. If you ask me this band was far from ready for recording a serious record and it all sounds thereby hugely amateurish. What a pity.

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